What advice would you give folks who are transitioning?

Be patient with yourself and find a good trauma therapist.  You’ve likely experience deep trauma.  I’d also say that you need to give yourself time.  Healing is a process that’s messy and non-linear.  Expect a wide range of emotions.  They’ll come and go.  You’ll be triggered.  Emotions are temporary.  They pass.  Find people you can connect with on a human level.   Learning to trust again will take time.  The most important thing?  Practice self-compassion.

1) don't try and explain yourself -- it will only cause those you love harm. Our first job is to do no harm to our relationships. If your loved ones are interested, they will ask -- and you can start then from a place of empathy and love

2) take it easy -- there is not "test," there is just you and God and that's All Good!

3) we only suffer when we carry with us past harms -- breathe it out, release it. we create our own paper tigers: fear, doubt, anger, etc. and on the good side, our thoughts create our own manifestations.


The transition is painful. There will be a lot of grief and anger but those emotions do not mean the transition is wrong.