Was it The Only True and Living Church to you?

I will answer this with a poem because I feel like it:

I live in Disneyland.
Lived here my whole life.
Never ridden the rides but I know they run.
Everyone here knows that this is the real Disneyland.
The one and only.
I am happy here just like everybody else.
I know this is Disneyland. I feel it.

A man left Disneyland saying it was fake.
That can’t be right.
What are the chances that everyone here is being deceived?
This man must be wrong,
So it’s best to not think about him.
I know this is Disneyland. I felt it

The weather is hot and dry.
Disneyland has moderate temperatures.
I ask why the weather is different.
They say it’s always been this way.
That’s not how I remember it.
My memory must be wrong,
So it’s best not to think about weather.
I know this is Disneyland.

Paint is chipping off the castle walls.
The rides falling apart.
This can’t be happening.
Disneyland is perfect.
This is all supposed to be perfect.
My observations must be wrong,
So it’s best not to think about paint.
I am in Disneyland, right?

I felt it, didn’t I? 
Why do I question? 
I should know this is Disneyland.
I don’t know anymore.
I’ve been misled, I think.
There’s no way that such trivial things can invalidate my whole Disneyland experience.

I find a book.
The book holds truth,
Or so it claims.
Everything I know is wrong, it says.
It tells me I am not in Disneyland.
That’s impossible.
The book is wrong.
It’s wrong.
I know it is, 
I just can’t say how,
So it’s best not to think about the book.
This is Disneyland. It has to be.

I lay in bed.
What if I’m not in Disneyland?
The man is right.
The weather is different.
The book is true.
The castle is a facade.
The rides don’t work.

No, wrong.
I start to feel wrong.
This is wrong.
It’s all wrong. n
I need to escape.
I am not in Disneyland.

Spencer Oswald profile image for wasmormon.orgspendiggity144

I am embarrassed to say, that, yes, I was arrogant enough to think, and then teach on my mission, that the LDS church was the one and only true church on the face of the Earth. I want to apologize to all those people I baptized in Argentina for having lied to them. [shudder!]

Jim Adlhoch profile image for wasmormon.orgjim-adlhoch

It was. I was born into it, and believed everything I was told. It's a great feeling to think that you as special as the Mormon Church says you are as a member.

But that feeling faded as I struggled with depression and low self-worth. The message I was constantly fed was that the Mormon Church was the only way to true happiness. If I was in it and miserable, I must be the problem.

Jana Tapircorn profile image for wasmormon.orgthe-last-tapircorn

This is what every church says. There are plenty of well-to-do theists out there that have different beliefs and believe that their church is the only right one. It doesn't add up when your church says they're the only true church. Either every other church is lying to their believers, or your church is lying to you.

 profile image for wasmormon.orgAnonymous