What do you feel or know about the Mountain Meadows Massacre?

I live in Southern Utah and it pains me to feel the emotion of that area. I've spent time there to absorb. I've studied. The worst murder of white emigrants across the US, 120 men, women and children, were murdered by Mormons.

Apologetic claims on this are astounding and don't excuse MURDER. the (unarmed) men and boys were separated one mile from the women. On command the leader (President Haight) ordered "Fire" and the people dropped at point blank. there was coverup, excuses, the Paiutes were blamed by BY -- and ultimately only President Haight was hung by the US Marshalls, about 20-years later.

Haight was excommunicated at the time (this happened on 9/11/1857), but he had his temple work done in the 1960s and was reinstated by the church to full membership (excommunication rescinded).

People don't talk about it here. I got my hair cut the other day from a nice woman from Enterprise, she said she doesn't know much about it and nobody talks about it.

The LDS church built a monument in about 2007, and did not issue an apology, just said "deep regret." when President Oaks was asked why no apology he said, "The church is not in the business of issuing apologies, we just look forward." (that's not what primary kids are taught).

So, so sad. I feel the reverence when I'm there, and I've apologized in prayer there for the wrongs of my people (I have no relatives that I know of that were involved, but Mormons are my people, even if I've separated membership -- I have to own my truths).

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My father served his mission in the area the Baker Fancher wagon train originated. He and his companion (late 40’s early 50’s) were taken off the road by the local sheriff and placed in jail for their own safety. A day later they were released at duck at the county line and told never to come back.

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