Is the term Mormon a major victory for Satan?

Imaginary victory for an imaginary being. What it really is…is a way to keep members occupied with unimportant distinctions so they don’t think to ask more important questions.

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I find this quite funny 😂 a few years back president Hinckley was all about being proud to be called Mormon, there were flyers everywhere saying "I'm Mormon" there was a series about people, there was the website similar to were people will share their experiences.
Fast forward today were president Nelson says that being called Mormon is a victory for Satan? Like are you kidding me. We now have the most clear example of how the church is just about fitting the current president's agenda and disregard whatever previous "prophets" have said.
If you want to look at this funny debate here's the link… or search "A Mormon by any other name..." on youtube.

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