How did you lose your faith in Mormonism (or Orthodox Mormonism)?

Prop 8  even though I live in Canada became a big deal for me.   Canada had leagalized Gay marriage in 2008. Now I will admit that at this point my attendance was a little spotty. We had moved to a new ward a few years previously and my two oldest said, no more church for  me.  They went when my parents visited but they were out. My Daughter kept going. I didn’t know about the  bullying she was getting in YW. All I saw was an increasing unwillingness to attend church or mutual. Once she was in high school she made some new friends, she invited them to church she tried, she we t to steak events, I even drove. Crumbs she over came her fear of water to do baptisms for the dead. Ok, that was back in our old ward, my Mom and Dad were the baptistery workers, but she tried. Eventually she came to me and said. The church is garbage. I’m not going anymore.  My husband meanwhile is having significant leg pain, he travels for work, and people hardly see him.  I try to keep going alone, but it’s hard.  Crowds are hard for me, but I still did what I needed to do I believed.   Then Prop 8 happened. And it struck me like never before that here was the church once again, telling, or trying to tell non- members how to live. And of course it’s Monson, I live in that mission.  I went to seminary with Ballards kids.  It just didn’t seem right. So I started asking other people. The answers I got. I will not remunerate them here, but there were some dillies. I pointed out that by forcing someone to do something, was taking away their agency.  Oh, no, why?  Because the profit is the profit for the whole world.  And some things are SO important that  it’s ok to take away someone’s agency.   My Bishop suggested I pray about it. And so I did. It took a long time. I didn’t want to hurt my Mom.  But then they started pushing the family proclamation. And I stated remembering all times I was told not to ask questions. Then my Brother came out of the closet,  that was the final straw.  My Mom died in March. I’m still waiting to put my take me out of this mad house papers in. Because well, I will, just not yet.
Once you look with clear eyes, it’s all garbage.