What is your life still missing? In what ways could your life still be improved without Mormonism?

I've struggled my whole life with feeling like I don't fit in, and that is something that hasn't gotten better as I got older. I don't have any cousins that I'm exceptionally close to, I have like two friends, and I don't feel like I fit in with the people in my small hometown as I've become more liberal since my brother's coming out and left the church. I just want to fit in. I want to be accepted. I want my kids to be accepted. I want to continue to be a part of the lives of the Mormons in my life. I announced my departure from the Church publicly so I wouldn't have to have the conversation while I am (hopefully, eventually) pregnant, and I got some wonderful love and support from my friends and family, but I still haven't heard anything from my dad's family, and I am scared of what it will like to be around them again now.

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