What do you call yourself now that you aren't mormon?

I don’t really call myself anything. If asked I’d probably say a former Mormon. 

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I consider myself Christian.

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I call myself a lot of things but mostly an Ex Mormon Atheist Apostate. Really covers all the bases. 

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I label myself "Jeremy". "Human". "Husband". "Father". "Friend".

I no longer consider myself Mormon or Ex Mormon. I'm just Jeremy. A fellow human. A fellow seeker. A fellow wanderer and explorer in this vast and amazing Universe we all find ourselves in.

Inspired by a comment made by a friend, Scott, I'm borrowing and altering his words to drive home this point:

For me, having been a Mormon is like the other stages of my life. It’s something that I was, and it’s something that I did. It had its positives and negatives. But my current self is not defined by my former relationship to that church. I lived in New York City – I’m not an ex-New Yorker. I attended and graduated from BYU but I’m not ex-BYU.

I’ve graduated and transcended from Mormonism. It’s a part of my past but it no longer is a part of my present and future. To me, it’s something like my missionary journals…I’m reminded of my past from time to time seeing the journals on my bookshelf but it no longer has much power or much influence over my present life and my future.

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