Were you asked inappropriate questions in "worthiness" interviews by your Mormon Bishop?

I was not. I was fortunate to have respectful bishops.

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Confession is a misconception (there is only 1 scripture in the NT that infers it), it's Catholic and LDS in tradition -- and it's so dangerous.

We have untrained bishops, feeling they are inspired, listening to people's deepest, darkest situations, follies, fears and missteps, giving advice (and often therapy/counseling).

We don't need a human to pronounce us "worthy." It's control. Untrained men asking inappropriate questions, what could go wrong? :) All should be welcomed in Christ's sacrament. Confession is putting a man between a person and God.

Why does Utah have laws that protect clergy from reporting child abuse if it comes up in confession/conversation with a member?

Why does the church have an 800# that bishops must call when they have a member tell them of child abuse, and why is that # staffed by the church's law firm? Is the law firm focused on the victims, or on protecting the church?

Have you read about the AZ lawsuit and the investigative reports?

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I didn’t even know what masturbation was until my bishop described it to me alone in his office. At least in my case I don’t think he had any ill intent. This is just the kind of thing that happens when a former marine drill Sargent, warehouse manager is told to interview children without having any kind of social work, legal, ethical, or psychological training. 

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