Were you asked inappropriate questions in "worthiness" interviews by your Mormon Bishop?

I didn’t even know what masturbation was until my bishop described it to me alone in his office. At least in my case I don’t think he had any ill intent. This is just the kind of thing that happens when a former marine drill Sargent, warehouse manager is told to interview children without having any kind of social work, legal, ethical, or psychological training. 

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I was not only asked inappropriate questions; my bishop pulled me out of a youth class on Sunday without my parents' knowledge and taught me what masturbation was and how it works, then told me never to think about it again.

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The questions the Bishop and Stake President ask are often quite intrusive.  They seem to have an obsession with sex and sexuality and what we do in our bedrooms. I wouldn’t let them meet privately with my children and ask such questions.  If my kids had questions about sexuality, they knew that we could talk openly and non-judgmentally.

God knows if we are worthy of him. There is no need for a Bishop to conduct an inquisition into our intimate lives - especially since they don’t really have any spirit of discernment or any pastoral training.  

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I was not. I was fortunate to have respectful bishops.

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