What resources have helped you through ths process of leaving?

My therapist. I was fortunate that I was able to see a therapist to help guide me through the transition. I had been semi-active or inactive for a number of years before I disclosed my faith transition to others and I was completely blindsided by the fallout. I had no idea how unstable I would feel and how many complex emotions and feelings would come up.

My post Mormon friends. INVALUABLE.

r/exmormon on Reddit. The experience of leaving is fairly universal. This group helped me feel like I wasn't alone, nor was I crazy for all the feelings and emotions I was experiencing.

www.happywholeway.com Two women help coach people through faith transitions. They are not former or current Mormons but left their own Christian denominations. The overlap in experiences is astounding.


I have a strong friend group that is very supportive of me and lets me use them as a sounding board when I just need to vent or work through my evolving sense of morality. I also have turned to science, philosophy, and nature to find truth, meaning, morality, and peace. The best resource I used though was "The Cosmos" by Neil deGrasse Tyson. It helped remind me of my place in history, nature, and society.


Finding others who have had the same experience, mainly on the exmormon subreddit. I've also found people on YouTube who are a voice for exmormons and atheists that I quite enjoy. In addition, sharing with those I'm closest with has been a comforting and liberating experience so far. It's been tough to feel alone and out in no-man's land.


https://cesletter.org/ https://www.reddit.com/r/exmormon/ other sources found within these. Talking though issues with others is extremely valuable. Look at mormon news objectively. See what others are saying. Get samples from all sides. Remember that your faith is your business and your business alone.